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Chinese Restaurants Auckland

Auckland City is a fantastic place to sample Chinese cuisine. Whether you want a casual evening or a formal meal in traditional Chinese surroundings, there are a wide selection of restaurants across the city that will cater for your need.

Chinese cooking is a balance of five amazing tastes, spicy, sweet, bitter, sour and salty…with other ingredients debuting to make truly exciting flavours!

You will find some the same dishes, like Sweet & Sour Pork, Chicken & Cashew and Fried Rice on almost all menus across the city (even across New Zealand!), but each chef will bring their own unique style to the dish.

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Greenlane plays host to some great Chinese restaurants. Both the Joyful Restaurant and Ali Restaurant (found on Manukau Road) are popular. There are also some great Chinese restaurants in Botany.

Another place to find Chinese restaurants in Auckland is in Birkenhead. The City View restaurant does great Yum Cha. It is cheap &cheerful, with the ability to handle large groups.

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