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Buffet Restaurants Auckland

There are dozens of great buffet restaurants in Auckland, proving that smorgasbord dining is a popular choice.

Buffet dining is a great option if you have a large group of people with mixed tastes. It is also good for those who never feel satisfied with just one dish.

Most buffet restaurants in Auckland, NZ charge a set rate per person and you are able to eat as much as you like from a smorgasbord of dishes, including desserts.

There are cheap buffet restaurants scattered across Auckland and a great number of them are breakfast buffet restaurants, so you can start your day right!

There are some great buffet restaurants on the North Shore. One of the most popular is Valentines in Glenfield. Like the other four Valentines restaurants across the city, they are fully licensed and have a great selection of mouth watering dishes.

Whether you want a family meal out, or a five-star dining experience, Auckland has a buffet restaurant that will suit you.

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